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Packaging Consultants International is an FDA-approved microbiological testing laboratory with an integrated consultative program for the food & beverage single-service packaging industry. StaffServices are provided to manufacturing plants which include audits, microbiological, and chemical testing of packaging materials, and to act as a liaison to governmental regulatory agencies. PCI is approved by the FDA to conduct plant sanitation certifications in accordance with FDA standards of foreign manufacturers of single-serve containers and closures. Our microbiology laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, and FDA approved for disintegration, swab, rinse, pour contact testing, as well as potable water screening. PCI is one of the only commercial laboratories to be approved in the United States to perform disintegration tests on paperboard.


UPDATE: PCI also expanded our ISO/IEC 17025 scope of accreditation during our 2023 assessment to include Listeria & Salmonella species detection for packaging & environmental monitoring swab samples. Find additional details here.


PCI does a fantastic job that meets my expectations, and they always answer any of my inquiries.

Veronica Sim
Pro-Western Plastics Ltd. -
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

PCI has a high level of service and are always attentive to answer our questions.

Daniela Quintero
Tetra Pak - Queretaro, Mexico

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