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Packaging Consultants International (PCI) was incorporated in 1980 and resides at 1101 State Fair Boulevard, in Syracuse, New York. The company was originally owned and operated by Chet and Tanya Parrow, and was purchased in September 2007 by Patrick and Renee Frontale. Chet remains with the company as a consultant.

The company’s laboratory serves the single-service food and beverage industry by providing an integrated consultative program. Services are provided to manufacturing plants and include audits, microbiology, and chemical testing of packaging materials, and to act as a liaison to governmental regulatory agencies. PCI is approved by the FDA.

In addition, PCI is FDA-approved for disintegration testing, one of the only commercial laboratories to be approved in the United States to perform disintegration tests on paperboard. In fact, State Departments of Health refer clients when testing is necessary.

Plant Sanitation Surveys/Audits

A yearly audit of the manufacturing plant is conducted to assist management in detecting problem areas and to recommend corrective action. Recommendations may be used to ensure, initiate, or enforce quality manufacture practices. The audit is conducted according to FDA guidelines to prepare plant personnel and the facility for possible inspection by governmental agencies.

Microbiological TestingMicrobiological Testing

The microbial quality of finished product and raw materials are monitored on a monthly basis to detect any contamination problems and to build a sanitary profile for these products. The PCI laboratory is FDA-certified for such tests and the results are accepted by all regulatory agencies of the government. In addition, should there be a contamination outbreak at a facility, PCI employees can travel to the site to trouble shoot the cause of the contamination.

PCI began its accreditation process for ISO 17025 in November 2012 by choosing A2LA as its certification body. Our strength in microbiological testing and our history of reliable results helped PCI successfully achieved accreditation against this standard in September 2013. The Scope of Accreditation includes the four primary tests techniques for which PCI is an acknowledged expert – disintegration, swab, rinse and pour contact. For a link to a .pdf version of our Scope of Accreditation, or our Accreditation Certificate, please look below



PCI's greatest asset is their people, who pay constant and consistent attention to customer service and who serve their customers with excellence.

Richard S. Kornbau
Manager of Product Safety & Regulatory Compliance

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